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ELGPN WP3 Nemzetközi Konferencia, BudapestNyomtatás

Programme proposal for ELGPN 2009-2010 WP3 Budapest meeting

November 2-4, 2009.


Co-operation and co-ordination mechanisms in guidance practice and policy development

2nd field visit under the ELGPN II contract




NPT (The Hungarian LLG Council)


Venue: 2009. November 2-4 (working days: November 3rd and 4th)

Place: BUDAPEST – Radisson Blu BÉKE**** Terez krt. 43. 1067


National contact: Mr. Tibor Bors Borbely-Pecze / +

For techniques questions: Ms. Virág Laczik Tel: +36-1-303-0811


Amis of the meeting:

Host country level:  developing a “cross-policy understanding” on LLG issues

National level /MS: make reflexion to theirs own situation and developments   

EU level understand the effects of the EU 2004, 2008 resolutions at a concrete MS level and gain additional comments at EU level as connecting different EU policies and strategy papers. Also ad some experiences from the special view of the transition states, therefore a twining partner will be invited




2nd November 2009 (MO) arriving of the participants and SG meeting


ELGPN WP3 meeting starts at 3rd of November 9,00 (TUE) and will come its end 4th of November (WED) 14,00


Parallel with the national event a SG meeting will be placed in the same hotel.



20,00 common dinner in the hotel (for ELGPN WP3 members)


3rd November 2009 (TUE)


Section I. Cross-policy coordination at national level


8,45-9,00 opening – Károly PIRISI Director General, National Employment Office

9,00-9,30 National Lifelong Learning Strategy and LLG

Ministry of Education and Culture / Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs Mr. Zoltán LOBODA

9,30-10,00 National Strategy Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2008-2010 and LLG  Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs Ms. Györgyi VAJDA

10,00-11,30 National Reform Programme 2008-2010 (in employment guidelines) and LLG

Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs Ms. Zsófia LUX


11,30-12,00 Coffee break


12,00-12,30 New Hungary Development Plan 2007-2013/ Social Renewal Operational Programme (SROP) and LLG as a key priority of the newly formed Hungarian government Ministry for National Development and Economy /National Development Agency /  

Human Resource Development Operational Programme Managing Authotity Mrs. Eszter KOCSORNÉ KŐHÁZI-KIS


12,30-14,00 lunch


15,00-17,00 Meeting with the practitioners at the hotel


-         20’’ presentation about developing distance guidance tools ( and Developing distance guidance tools - internet based developments in Hungary  Mr. Tibor KOVACS

-         20” presentation on career guidance training within the Hungarian Universities before the Bologna Process (FETA): Counselling training courses in Hungary Mr. István KISS



18,00-18,30 discussion on closing 2010


20,00- dinner in Apostolok restaurant


4th of November 2009 (WED)


9,00-9,45 The main goals and developments  of the Hungarian LLG Council (history, and SROP 2.2.2.)Mr. Tibor Bors BORBÉLY

9,45-10,30 The Latvian case, a twining review - Co-operation and co-ordination mechanism in guidance practise and policy development Mrs. Aleksandra JOMA

10,30-12,30 small workshops for MS’s feedback to the Hungarian experiences and to theirs own situation (“from peer to peer”)

12,30-13,00 closing remarks Mr. Tony WATTS, Mr. Raimo VUORINEN and Mr. Peter HARTELT

13,00-13,30 official closing from the Hungarian side to be confirmed

13,30-14,00 lunch